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2021 Update 

The Directors of Jamaica 2000 agreed to celebrate 20 years of activities by:

- refocusing on projects within the Jamaican communities in UK, and to support recognition of the Windrush Generation

- telling the story of our work to gain recognition for Jamaican as a language and the implications for eduators

- working with other groups in the UK to develop intergenerational Jamaican Culture Clubs with support from the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission JCDC

- supporting project work in Jamaica exploring the possibilities of stepping in to support UK / Jamaica school links now that the DfID has pulled its support 

- and changing our name to JAMAICA HERITAGE LINKS.


JAMAICA 2000 - Background and 20 years of activities! 

- see our Annual Reports - link to them from Home page then hover on "Our Annual Reports tell the Story" 

JAMAICA 2000 was initially established in 1999 to support the development of community learning centres across the island of Jamaica. The focus was to support the introduction and use of computers to provide information communication and learning technology for existing and new adult literacy initiatives.

Since then JAMAICA 2000 has enabled close links to be established between people involved in education and training in the UK and Jamaica, with support from a wide range of organisations including the UK Government through the Department of International Development (DfID).

Our Annual Reports tell fascinating stories of the activities of an innovative, sometime quiet, but very active organisation!

And check out www.spanglefish.com/jamiekan for more about Di Jamaiekan Nyuu Testiment

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